Cells Genesis & Skin Care

We are the result of the effective use of a combination of natural products and cosmetic principles.
We are research and practical experience thanks to our products being used by medical professionals.

CELLSGEN transcends the boundaries of traditional cosmetics to offer visible and long-lasting results.

Our important role in delaying skin aging and in preventing the damage produced by the sun and pollution has made us a reference in the field of new anti-aging cosmetics and prevention.


The science and medical experience behind health and beauty

Our history dates back several years with an international group of doctors specialising in cell regeneration and facial rejuvenation treatments, mainly dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
The work carried out by these specialists into stem cells and antioxidants confirmed the need to find non-surgical and non-invasive ways of enhancing the quality of the skin and treating blemishes, in addition to rejuvenating the appearance of the face.
Scientific research and clinical practice thereby demonstrated the importance of healthy cells.
Other prominent professionals from the fields of cosmetics and anti-aging research joined the project so that we not only obtained products and treatments intended to delay skin aging but also protocols for maintaining an optimal state of health and well-being.


Real Results and Treatment and Prevention Protocols endorsed by medicine.

We are driven by an unrelenting desire to discover and create tested solutions based on real results.

We not only wish to see an improvement in skin, hair and general appearance but also to contribute through our experience with treatment with stem cells, antioxidants and nutrigenomics to slowing the aging process and improving the conditions to achieve a balance between beauty and health, improving the emotional state and thus contributing to improvements in general wellness.

With decision-making and planning centres in a number of cities, our products are manufactured in the best laboratories in Europe, which boasts the most advanced and strictest legislation in terms of the safety and quality of cosmetic components and products.

The CELLSGEN products and protocols are the outcome of research and clinical practice, and are being used and recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical specialists in anti-aging, chemists and specialised beauty and rejuvenation clinics.

We not only focus on correcting blemishes or signs of aging, but also on their prevention.


We were born with a great social conscience

We support medical and social projects in different fields of medicine, particularly those most related with the prevention and healing of skin cancer and those aimed at helping children in countries and communities lacking healthcare resources.

This help is provided through direct financial contributions and through collaboration with various projects of doctors and specialists connected to CELLSGEN Group.

We understand that health must be a basic right so we collaborate with groups, institutions and charities to undertake these projects.